Iron Grip Barbell Company

Iron Grip Iron Olympic Plates feature fully integrated handgrips and a 12-sided design for enhanced safety and ease of use. Accurate within 2% or better of stated weight, Iron Grip iron Olympic plates are cast from the highest quality gray iron, creating an exceptionally strong and durable product. Iron Grip iron Olympic plates are guaranteed for 5 years against breakage to the original owner. Available in 2.5 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb., 25 lb., 35 lb., 45 lb. and 100 lb. sizes, with kilogram equivalent weight markings on all sizes. Made in the USA.
Iron Grip Urethane-Coated Olympic Plates offer the same unique patented features as our premiere iron plates, including integrated handgrips to provide a safe, user-friendly means for lifting and carrying, plus a 12-sided design to eliminate rolling. These Urethane-coated plates are highly impact-resistant, exceptionally durable and will not split, peel or delaminate from the insert. In addition, the Urethane won't scuff, scratch, mar or chip equipment, walls or floors. These plates are also impervious to rusting, chipping, flaking and losing their color. Iron Grip Urethane Olympic plates are protected by a 5-year guarantee against breakage for the original owner. Available in 2.5 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb., 25 lb., 35 lb. and 45 lb. sizes, with kilogram equivalent weight markings on all sizes. Made in the USA.
Custom Free Weight Equipment offers facility owners and managers a unique way to establish a competitive point of difference, as well as an outstanding way to brand their club. It's also an excellent recruiting tool for schools and sports teams, sending a clear message that strength training is an important part of the athletic program. Iron Grip is proud to offer the most sophisticated customization capabilities available for your free weight equipment.
Available on Iron Grip Olympic plates (45, 35 and 25 lb. sizes), Urethane dumbbells and Urethane fixed barbells, the customization process begins by scanning your logo into a computer, where it is refined with a sophisticated CAD program. A computer-controlled engraver then reproduces the custom logo on the outer surface of the plate or dumbbell. The engraved logo is then filled with a specialized liquid Urethane and heated to bond permanently to the engraved surface.

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These advanced techniques ensure a high degree of customization and faithful reproduction on Iron Grip equipment. Text, logos, and even complex artwork can be duplicated in the engraving process, and multiple colors can be used to further enhance the look. Schools, pro team names, mascots, health club names and logos, and corporate logos can all be reproduced through this unique process.

Made exclusively in America, these maintenance-free dumbbells are protected by a 5-year guarantee.

Iron Grip Solid Steel Dumbbells are built by welding a precision-machined steel handle into a drilled, chamfered and fully machined head. The heavy-duty weld is guaranteed not to break or bend through years of heavy use, and the resulting compact design is easier and safer to handle than bulky bolted together dumbbells. The Solid Steel line is available with a durable black finish, with easy-to-read weight markings permanently engraved and painted on each head.

Iron Grip Solid Steel dumbbells are available in 5 lb. increments from 5 to 150 lbs., with 2.5 lb. increments available from 5 lbs. to 52.5 lbs.

Iron Grip Urethane Dumbbells are constructed with precision-machined steel handles and drilled, chamfered and machined heads, which are welded together to produce a solid steel insert. This insert is then encapsulated in durable, heavy-duty Urethane, so the dumbbell will not scuff or damage equipment, walls or floors. This solid, welded design provides superior durability and maintenance free reliability.

Welded construction and an injection-molded exterior also allow us to make our Urethane dumbbells much shorter in length than bulky pro-style dumbbells. This compact design makes Urethane dumbbells much easier and safer to handle. They also feature our patented 12-sided, anti-roll heads with stable, flat, tip-resistant ends. Easy-to-read weight markings are permanently engraved and bonded into the surface.

Iron Grip Urethane dumbbells are available in 5 lb. increments from 5 to 150 lbs., with 2.5 lb. increments available from
5 lbs. to 52.5 lbs.

Iron Grip Dumbbell Handle Options
Our Iron Grip dumbbells are available with a choice of three different dumbbell handles: beefy 30mm straight round, comfortable contoured or our patented Hexagonal handle. All handles are now available with our exclusive industrial Hard Chrome finish, which is extremely resistant to chipping, flaking or peeling.

Customized dumbbells offer a great way to brand your club, and can enhance the presentation of any facility.

Iron Grip Hard Chrome Olympic Bars are exclusively American-made and offer many innovative features, including our unique Hard Chrome plating. This finish is aircraft-quality, industrial-grade satin chrome that won't flake or peel like other chrome platings can.

Iron Grip Olympic bars will provide years of dependable service. Heavy-duty construction ensures a high degree of returnability which means the bar can be bent up to 5 degrees and still return to its original straight shape. Our bars feature heat-treated, turned, ground and polished steel shafts with a sturdy 30 mm diameter. Machined steel sleeves are attached with shoulder bolts and equipped with nylon-impregnated threads for exceptional durability. These ultra-slick, heavy duty, product-specific bushings will provide free and continuous rotation through years of heavy use.

Iron Grip bars offer many additional features, including fittings that are welded, not press-fit to the bars, a unique, patented 6-sided collar and comfortable, medium diamond knurling for a safe, secure grip. The Iron Grip 7' bar has a center knurl for added safety. Oversized EZ curl bars fit all racks, stands and curl benches (most other EZ curl bars are only 4' long.)

Quick Collars and Muscle Clamp collars are sold by the pair, and feature simple, one-handed operation and a secure fit.

Quick Collars are machined from 2" high-impact chromed steel and incorporate the patented QuickleeT quick release technology. Muscle ClampT collars are constructed of durable, glass-filled nylon, making them lightweight, yet extremely heavy-duty. In addition, Muscle ClampT collars are fitted with internal wear guards to protect bars from scratching. Please note that Muscle Clamp collars and Quick Collars are not manufactured by Iron Grip and carry a one-year warranty only.