Power-Lift®, Uesaka, and Solid Rubber Bumper Plates

Uesaka Bumper Plates (Training and Competition):

  • IWF Approved - used in the Olympic Games (1996, 2000, 2004 etc.)!!
  • Colored and Solid Black Kilo Bumper Plates (5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg)
  • Solid Steel Center Hub Design
  • Will NOT destroy platforms! REAL Bumper Plate for Olympic Lifting!!
  • Available with custom logos CALL FOR DETAILS.
  • Calibrated bars and plates also available.
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Considered THE best bumper plate on the market (durability, bounce etc.)
  • For more information on Uesaka please visit: www.uesakabarbell.com
  • Application: Professional, Collegiate, Sports Performance, High School, Fitness, Home.

Uesaka 10 Kg. Bumper
Uesaka 15 kg. Bumper
Uesaka 20 kg. Bumper
Uesaka 25 kg. Bumper

Power-Lift Collegiate Series Bumper Plate by Uesaka

  • REAL BUMPER PLATE!!! Not a cheap rubber coated plate!!
  • 20" Diameter (2" Wider than typical plates).
  • Laser Engraving Available
  • These are Pound plates (25lb., 35lb. and 45lb.).
  • Solid Steel Hub Design (same as competition plates)
  • Premium rubber mix for durability and performance
  • Popular in collegiate, professional and high school settings
  • Available with custom laser engraved logos (Call for details).
  • For more information on Uesaka please visit: www.power-lift.com
  • Application: Collegiate, Sports Performance, High School, Fitness, Home
Samples of Laser Engraving on Collegiate Series (call for pricing): 1-949-240-4496

"Hybrid" Bumper Plates with Center Hub:

  • Economy Plates Available in Pounds! Color Plates or Black Plates available
  • 450mm in Diameter (Standard Bumper Plate Size).
  • Rubber Training Bumper Plates w/ High Quality Iron Center Hubs
  • Will NOT destroy platforms!
  • Matte Color Finish
  • 2 Year Manufactures Warranty (when used with proper platform etc.).
  • Application: High School, Fitness Centers, Sports Performance, CrossFit, Home (some Pro and Collegiate programs use these bumpers).
  • Ships from California ("Will Call" Available)
  • Economically Priced (call for pricing, quantity pricing available).

These hybrid Bumpers are are our most popular economy bumper plates. They are a HYBRID plate between the solid rubber disc and a high end performance plate. During the manufacturing process the rubber is molded around the hub. These are recommended for applications were they will be dropped on a platform (not directly on the floor). Note: Manufacture does not cover warranty if dropped on the floor.

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We do not publish prices on the web - we are a commercial distributor. Please contact us for pricing.



These are excellent training plates - and extremely popular in the Collegiate and CrossFit lifting communities. The are made using extremely durable composite materials. We have not found a more durable light weight plate for the money. Example of pricing: $170 for a PAIR of 5KG Plates. Subject to change.

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We do not publish prices on the web - we are a commercial distributor. Please contact us for pricing.


Buyer beware:
Many suppliers are calling rubber coated gym plates bumper plates. These plates are typically cast iron plates coated with a small amount of rubber - much like your standard rubber coated gym plate. If you are performing Olympic Lifting these imitation plates will eventually ruin your bars and platforms. There is just not enough shock absorbing material. The are cheap but your equipment will suffer.

What is a true bumper plate?
A true bumper plate is made from solid rubber (raw, synthetic or recycled) and typically will have 4 or more inches or rubber between the center hub and the edge. Premium bumper plates will have a solid steel hub to add weight to maintain similar thickness of the plates. Good economy plates will be 100% solid rubber with a thick brass bushing. The weight of economy plate is determined by the thickness of the plate. Premium and good economy bumper plates are typically made in Japan, Europe and U.S.A.

What is a good Cross-Fit Bumpers?
In our opinion if you are hard core Cross-Fit invest in something that will last - and you can abuse. However budget is always a factor so we recommend the economy bumpers for LITE work - not dropping on floors and Uesaka Varsity Series for heavier lifts and dropping.. Collegiate settings typicially train ALL day and Football programs need something that can handle extreme abuse - so we recommend the Uesaka, Collegiate Series and Varsity Series Bumpers for Collegiate Athletic enviroments.

Good economy bumper plates typically are similar in price or close to the same price of the import plates. So if you looking for a good economy plate buy a solid rubber plate to protect your bars and platforms.


Power-Lift platforms are built using Solid Oak tongue and groove lifting surface. These are the most durable platforms you can buy.

The price of the platforms includes logo's applied to the platforms and 5 layers of polyurethane varnish.

*PLEASE NOTE: Platforms should ALWAYS be atleast 3" Thick or more - made using a wood and rubber combination to absorb impact. This will prolong the life of your bumpers and bars!

Stackable Ply-Boxes.