SciFit Cardiovascular Training Equipment

SciFit Bikes are ideal for heavy training and rehabilitation environements. They provide 5 to 2000 Watt's of resistance in 3 Watt increments (in Iso-Kinetic Mode). That's 650 levels of resistance! Most bikes provide only 12 to 15 levels of resistance and max out at about 600 Watt's. SciFit Bike's do not require the user to maintain a minimum speed unlike many of the other bikes on the market.

SciFit Recumbent Bikes feature an "Easy Access" step through design.

FitKey is standard on all SciFit bikes. FitKey allows you track your workout on special "Electronic Data Key". The FitKey allows you to review your workout on your home computer.

SciFit Upper Body Ergometers offer options for different training needs. The SciFit PRO II All-Body ergometer is ideal for rehabilitation and an incrediably intense cardio/strength workout.

SciFit Ellipticals provide a Compact Design that feels extremely comfortable. SciFit Bio-Flex feature elliminates "Numb Feet". The foot pads articulate with your foot to reduce "stress points" the cause numb feet.

The Ellicpticals come in two models. An "All-Body" Elliptical (pictured) and a "Lower-Body" Elliptical.

SciFit's new recumbant stepper provides a great workout in a comfortable position.