Spinal Rehab for Scoliosis

Preliminary Studies have shown MedX Rotary Torso helped reverse and stop the progression of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis! This is the FIRST time ever a non-surgical treatment has proven to reduce the curvature of the spine and stop the progression of scoliosis! Braces stop the curvature from progressing, however rotational exercises can reverse the progression. Do your homework! The studies have been small (12 to 15 patient studies), however there are several studies with much larger populations taking place and the preliminary results are very promising.

In 2008 several studies from Stanford have also validated that Rotational Exercise prevents the increase in curvature of the spine in Adolescent Scoliosis.

Dr. Vert Mooney's Study: Click Here

Press Release: Click Here

Studies relating to Rotational Torso Strength and Scoliosis:

PubMed Univ. of Kansas Pilot Study: Treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with quantified trunk rotational strength training: a pilot study.

PubMed: Trunk rotational strength training for the management of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS).

The Core Torso Rotation Unique Features Include:

  • Pelvic Stabilization / Pelvic Lock for Isolation
  • 2ft. Pound Weight Increments from 20 lbs. To 300 lbs.
  • Range of Motion Adjustment

We have been receiving numerous calls about some research on the MedX Torso and Scoliosis. There was a study several years ago by Dr. Vert Mooney (UCSD, Director of Spine and Sport and MDRS) on rotational strength training and scoliosis. During the study patients reduced the curvature by up to 28 degrees and none of the participants had a increase in curvature. All patients equalized asymmetric strength. THIS IS A FIRST!!!

I was told recently by a father of girl with scoliosis that this was the first time ever a non-surgical treatment reduced the curvature of the spine in a scoliosis patient. He purchased a Core Torso for his home since there was no facility in his area with the Core Torso. He said braces are about $3500 so he decided to invest in the Core Torso in an effort to actually reduce the curvature and stop it's progression - which he felt braces only hindered progression. He asked that I let everyone I know in the spinal community about this research. He said parents of scoliosis children will do what ever it takes to avoid surgery and help their children live a normal life.

I recently saw an advertisement in the Southwest Airline magazine that showed a before and after x-ray picture of a young girl that had surgical treatment for scoliosis. In the "after" picture it showed her entire spine full of hardware. She looked like someone who had her spine completely rebuilt after a tragic accident. I couldn't believe they are showing this as a "treatment" for scoliosis. I realize this was probably the girls last hope - however it was freighting non-the-less. I would bet she has absolutely no mobility in her spine and she will suffer numerous other complications in the years to come. I could not help but to think maybe we could have helped her avoid this "treatment".

You be the judge!


MedX Core Torso Rotation:



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Additional Core MedX Torso Rotation Unique Features:

2-pound weights: Weights can be increased 2 pounds at a time, simply by inserting a pin.

Patented Compound Weight Stack: Base plates of 20 pounds each combine with the upper stack of nine 2-pound plates to accommodate both gradual increases and-depending on the exercise-up to 1,200 pounds of total resistance.

Safer Stroke: Every element of the machine drive train is designed to achieve vertical weight stack movement of only one foot on a full-range repetition; about half of what other equipment produces. Reducing inertia enhances safety.

Reduced User Strain: The unique design of MedX equipment places the weight stack approximately 18 inches off the ground, reducing or eliminating the need to bend down to pin the resistance.

Low-Friction Function: By eliminating friction-inducing weight stack guide rods, lowering inertia by shortening weight stack vertical travel to one foot, and using ball bearings throughout the machine, repetitions on MedX equipment have a smoothness that can’t be matched.

Low-Maintenance Ball Bearings: MedX equipment uses only high-precision sealed or shielded anti-friction ball bearings that require grease injections only about once per year.

Quality Materials: All materials used meet the standards of the American Society of Testing and Materials.

Painted Heavy-Gauge Steel: MedX products are made with heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel and painted with chip- and scratch-resistant Polane® Polyurethane Enamel coatings from Sherwin Williams, available in any of 13 colors to match or complement shields, upholstery, and décor.

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